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"Bread products" №3-16

economics . market

4 Agrobusiness club informs

6 Review of a situation in the Russian market (IKAR)

8 The Russian Union of milling and groats enterprises
10 The Russian Union of bakers

12 The Russian Grain Union

14. M. Markova. Where the margin is – 2016

16 N. Petrova. Laboratory – 2016

18 Smart solutions (ZAO Khleb, Tver)

20 L. Poslukhaeva. BakeryPani-France

21 The standard method for measuring the volume of the baked products from the Stable Micro Systems

22 MIWE smart engineering promotes stability of your production and optimization of business 

24 Tandem of two leaders – companies Diosna and IsernHäger

26 Programme of equipment demonstrations at the exhibition Modern bakery – 2016 (König)
29 Ryazan’zernoproduct: the right grain drying determines the quality of flour (Bühler)

30 L.V. Ustinova. Roller – grinders of grain and grain products (MMW)

32 G.A. Presnova, N.A. Tyurina. Betulin containing birch bark extract  is a natural ingredient for the creation of specialized food products (Birch world)

34 I.V. Matveeva, M.V. Chernobyl’sky. Priority trends of the bakery market in biotechnological solution (Novozymes)

38 Refined sweets is the best gift! (TRIER, IREKS)

40 O.A. Khloponina. The influence of the prescription ingredients on the quality of the products from puff pastry (EFKO)

42 New opportunities of increase of efficiency and quality at decrease in expenses (Dal’nyaya mel’nitsa)

44 R.G. Kalinin. Start of a new product (VATEL MARKETING)
46 S.V. Turyaeva. Crackers, crackers (ST)



research . technology

47 V.V. Petrichenko et al. The study of the microstructure and color of bread from a flour with improved properties

50 O.L. Vershinina et al. Bakery products, enriched with organic iodine

51 T.A. Nikiforova, I. A.  Khon. The use of buckwheat husking bran in bread production

54 E.P. Meleshkina et al. The definition of potato illness of bread without trial laboratory baking

56 L.O. Shirokova, A. Y. Veselova. The formation of structural-mechanical properties of  steering-wheels in separate stages of technological process

58 Master-class. Bread Accordion (CSM)


information . advice

60 L. Poslukhaeva. Europain&Intersuc- 2016 is a professional holiday of

64 ISM`2016 is a successful exhibition-fair

66 N. Kurkina. PRODEXPO- 2016: realities of the food market

70 News

70 Nationalpies. VietnameseBant’ing

71 The dictionary of marketing specialist

72 G.B. Choporova. Kind hostess


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