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"Bread products" 4-16

economics . market

4 The Russian Union of milling and groats enterprises

6 The Russian Union of bakers

8 The Russian Grain Union

10 Agrobusiness club informs

12 Activities at the exhibition Modern Bakery Moscow – 2016

16 M. Markova. The second bakery forum of the Moscow region
18 N. Kurkina. XInternationalconferenceCakes. Waffles. Cookies. Gingerbread – 2016

20 International review of quality flour confectionery INNOVATIONS AND TRADITIONS

20 All-Russian competition The best bread of Russia in 2016

25 GC EFKO won five awards at the 15-th professional Contest  Ingredient of the year -2016

26 N.R. Rayeva. Results by Rospotrebnadzor in Moscow region enterprises of the baking industry in 2015

28 Economical approach to the drying of pasta products (Bühler)

31 25 facts about dryers by Bühler

32 A. Surova. Corporate identity and its importance for the company. What you need to do to make consumer remember your product? (VatelMarketing)

34 Y.F. Roslyakov, I.M. Zharkova. About  harmonization and systematization of terms and definitions that are used in the production of bakery products

40 T.S. Shteinberg et al. About  new international standard method for determination of grain moisture


research . technology

42 Z.S. Mingaleeva et al.  Use of succinic acid in the technology of bread from rye-wheat flour

44 N.M. Derkanosova et al. Study of functionally-technological properties of fruit and vegetable pressing for the enrichment of bakery products

47 L.G. Priezzheva. Changes in biochemical and organoleptic characteristics during storage of cereals in conditions of variable temperatures

50 V.A. Mar’yin et al. Physico-mechanical characterization and morphology of buckwheat grain harvested in the spring after snow

53 G.A. Zakladnoy et al. Now mould and insects can't hide

55 News                                                                                                    

56S.S. Tarasenko. The study of enzymes activity of pasta flour

58 Master -class. Pie Juicy or products Picantinki (Backaldrin)


information . advice

60 O.V. Lesnykh, M. O. Rybakova. The accounting for discounts, premiums and other incentive payments to customers

64 N. Goldina. Modern Bakery Moscow – 2016

68 N. Petrova. Food ingredients, additives and spices – 2016

70 National pies. Canadian pie with maple syrup and pecans

70 News

71 The dictionary of marketing specialist

72 G.B. Choporova. Kind hostess


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