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magazine "Bread products" 07-14


4 A.I. Altukhov. Economic problems of development of the agrarian sphere of Russia in an initial stage of its WTO membership

10 The Russian Union of flour-grinding and groats enterprises

12 The Russian Union of bakers

14 The Russian Grain Union

16 Agrobusiness club informs

18 A.B. Ovechkin. Flour-grinding industry of France. Look from outside

20 Yu. A. Aydantseva. The Moscow representative office of MIWE and Diosna – is the only thing in the world association of these firms

23 S.M.Wenz. Our hear fights for the Russian market (MIWE)

24 Unsurpassed dryers Schmidt Seeger STK for the Russian rice raw (Bühler AG)

26 M. Slaby. Successful choice for COOL dough – horizontal dough mixing machines from the Czech firm TOPOS

29 Paglierani successfully realized the new project

31 S. Filippov. Overcoming of fear of refusal

32 News


33 Tendencies of Interpack 2014. Innovative packing for production of the food industry

36 L.V. Fadeev. Indispensable condition of perfect seeds – is a plumpness (Аgropromeks)


39 D. A. Britikov. The main aspects of standard regulation in the sphere of industrial safety of fire and explosion hazardous production objects of storage and processing of vegetable raw materials

42 L.A. Shlelenko et al. Use of vegetable and fruit powders in bread baking

44 S. Ya. Koryachkina et al. Ways of increase of a nutrition value of fruitcakes

46 V.A. Balyubazh  et al. Definition of quantity of a gluten in a wheat baking flour

48 K.A. Bobyshev, I.V. Matveeva. Influence of a fermental preparation of glucose oxydas on properties of dough and quality of bread from wheat flour

51 V.A. Mar’yin,  A.L. Vereshchagin. Nutrition value of waste processing of grain of a buckwheat

54 D. N. Bastrikov. Processing of grain of a buckwheat

56 A.A. Chernenkova et al. Use of products of beekeeping in a compounding of sugar cookies

62 Master- class. Pie Strawberry cramble (CSM)


64 N. Petrova. Packing equipment, technologies and materials (RosUpack)

66 O. A. Il’yina,  A.S. Yakovlev. Features of the bakery and confectionery market in China (BakeryChina – 2014)

68 P. Donskov. Mill of a farmstead of T.A. Kargin (M. A. Sholokhov's state memorial museum reserve)

72 G. Chyoporova. Kind hostess



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