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Research . Technology

Заголовок Дата публикации
Development of a gluten –free biscuit product by selection of optimum dosages of dressers 26 апреля 2016
Development of technology for dietary bakery products 13 января 2016
Fragmented the market research functional foods from gluten-free raw materials 31 октября 2016
Improving the safety of gingerbread products 27 июля 2016
Influence of buckwheat husking bran in maintaining the freshness of the bread 07 июня 2017
Influence of natural sources of biologically active agents on bread diseases 31 мая 2016
Innovative approaches to create recipes of cookies functional purpose 13 января 2016
Investigation of the rheological properties of fermented semi-finished products and the quality of church bakery products 12 мая 2017
Method of analysis of grain products and their mixes to the infectiousness of potato disease of bread 04 апреля 2017
Physico-mechanical characterization and morphology of buckwheat grain harvested in the spring after snow 04 апреля 2016
Status and prospects of food security in China in the conditions of globalization 01 декабря 2016
Study of adsorption purification of the hydrolysate of grain of rye 31 октября 2016
Technological solutions for the use of grain for the production of grain bread 12 мая 2017
The analysis of quality of bakery products with use of a beer pellet 06 февраля 2016
The fourth industrial revolution and bakery: challenges and prospects 04 апреля 2017
The impact of microorganisms with lipolytic activity, the change of organoleptic indicators of flour confectionery products during storage 10 января 2017
The use of grain starter cultures on the basis of germinated grain of green buckwheat and wheat for making yeast cake 01 декабря 2016
A method of an operating control of contamination of grain insects in warehouses 31 мая 2016
A study of the influence of hop composition to microbiological characteristics of bread quality from bio-activated wheat 07 июня 2017
A.L. Vereshchagin et al. The effects of the acids by the Krebs cycle to the properties of bakery yeast and bread quality 14 июля 2016


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