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Заголовок Дата публикации
Fruit and vegetable powders from a residue of juice production is a source of functional ingredients in baking 04 марта 2019
The development of norms of water consumption, wastewater and determination of the concentrations pollutants in the wastewater of bakery, confectionery and macaroni enterprises 04 марта 2019
Technology of flour confectionery products for people with impaired metabolism of gluten 04 марта 2019
Determine the volume of bread using an optical method 04 марта 2019
Influence of apple and pumpkin powder on the quality of bread during storage 04 марта 2019
Traditions and perspectives of the use of pure cultures of microorganisms in domestic technology of rye bread on ferments 04 марта 2019
The influence of enzymatic hydrolyzate of sprouted green buckwheat grains and packaging on the quality and microbiological purity of frozen semi-finished products Information. Advice 04 февраля 2019
The influence of the color of the base material with the addition of corn flour to assess the quality and safety of pasta 04 февраля 2019
Substantiation of rational dosage of pumpkin puree in the production of rich crackers 04 февраля 2019
Technology of convective heat transfer between the heat carrier and the product (bread) 04 февраля 2019
Assessment of methods for determining the volume of bread and bakery products 04 февраля 2019
Investigation of the effect of free moisture and the degree of bond strength between water molecules and substances of bagels products on the preservation of freshness with accelerated technology 04 февраля 2019
Optimization of production for technology of crapless biscuit with the addition of carrot 04 февраля 2019
Bread without yeast – the truth and fiction 25 декабря 2018
Compulsory heat exchange between the heat carrier and bread when moistening air in the baking camera 25 декабря 2018
Influence research of yams powder on properties of the dough and quality factors of bakery products from wheat flour 25 декабря 2018
Set of the physical and chemical processes developing at the dough batch 25 декабря 2018
Hydrocolloids of a flax seeds in technology of gluten free muffins 25 декабря 2018
Justification of component composition of dry grain mix for a fast food on tourist routes 25 декабря 2018
About the innovation projects on mastering of technologies of deep processing of grain crops 25 декабря 2018


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