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Research . Technology

By-product of cereal production as a source micronutrients for food fortification 29 июня 2024
The use of amaranth flour to increase the nutritional and energy value of cupcakes 29 июня 2024
Fluidized state as a fundamental factor for effective mixing of ultrafine particles with feed mixture 29 июня 2024
Investigation of the effect of a protein-containing carrot product on wheat flour and semi-finished products 29 июня 2024
Improving of bakery products on leaven with the use of non-traditional raw materials 29 июня 2024
Prospects for the use of raw materials of plant origin to extend the shelf life of bakery products 29 июня 2024
Experimental studies of safe working conditions during fire extinguishing and unloading of storage facilities with plant raw materials at facilities for the storage and processing of plant raw materials 04 июня 2024
Processing of raw and wet buckwheat grain 04 июня 2024
Optimization of flatbread recipe with a source of functional food ingredients 04 июня 2024
Bread with a high content of beta-carotene 04 июня 2024
Investigation of changes in the microbiota of wheat starter cultures on new strains of microorganisms 04 июня 2024
Experimental and analytical studies of the dynamics of hydrogen formation when exposed to vegetable raw materials with water and water-based compounds in the range from normal to temperature flame 25 апреля 2024
The current state and prospects of using technical cannabis in food production 25 апреля 2024
Split pea flour is a promising raw material for food production 25 апреля 2024
Producing a semi-processed product in the form of flakes from wheat grain and its application in the biotechnology of baking rye bread 25 апреля 2024
Development of specialized bakery products from gluten-free raw materials for nutrition for preschool and school age children 25 апреля 2024
Study of the influence of millet flour on the quality of biscuit semi-finished products 25 апреля 2024
The influence of technological parameters on the adhesive properties of semi-finished flour confectionery products 03 апреля 2024
Discrete diffusion with multi-stage mixing dough with an anisotropic internal structure 03 апреля 2024
Modeling of processes filtration of suspensions of mineral substances as test ingredients on a digital model 03 апреля 2024
Investigation of the optimal ratio of aestivum and durum wheat in the pasta recipe 03 апреля 2024
Nutritional value of gluten-free choux semi-finished product based onhemp processing products 03 апреля 2024
Study of the influence of psyllium on the quality of dough and gluten-free bread 03 апреля 2024
Social aspects of changes in consumer preferences in the choice of bakery products 03 апреля 2024
Investigation of the process of forming layered dough preparations by rolling 12 марта 2024