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Research . Technology

Заголовок Дата публикации
Research of crispbread enriched with sprouted buckwheat and corn oil 31 июля 2019
Technology of production of protein concentrates from flax cake for use in industrial production 31 июля 2019
Welding and methods of its saccharification as a tool of bread quality management 31 июля 2019
The use of amaranth flour in baking 31 июля 2019
Technology of flour culinary semi-finished products of hepatoprotective purpose 31 июля 2019
Modern trends in the use of hydrobionts of animal origin as functional ingredients for bakery products 31 июля 2019
Information technology to improve the accuracy of quality assessment of grain products 31 июля 2019
Analysis of the application of International standards DEMETER 01 июля 2019
Development of technology for general purpose cookies and for children using semi-finished products based on vegetables 01 июля 2019
Methods of establishing the period of maturation of wheat flour by the value of acid number of fat 01 июля 2019
Natural fruit antioxidants for butter biscuit 01 июля 2019
Study on the bioavailability of nutrients of bread made from wheat flour with the addition of vegetable powders 01 июля 2019
Enrichment of bakery products with micronutrients: international experience and new trends 01 июля 2019
The introduction of new Standards for grain rye and rye flour 30 мая 2019
Effect of corn flour on wear of forming holes of pasta matrices 30 мая 2019
Baking properties of flour from grain of the low pentazan variety rye Bereginya 30 мая 2019
Development of recipes flour confectionery products of functional purpose 30 мая 2019
Modelling of polycomposite mixes of vegetable powder mix for bakery products 30 мая 2019
Device for intensification of bread cooling in special conditions 30 мая 2019
Quantitative evaluation of wheat grain glassiness by vision technique 30 мая 2019


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